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Vinyl Fence Installation: Do’s And Don’ts

Anybody considering adding a fence to their property should consider vinyl fence installation. It is a great addition to any home or business. If you go with wood, it can rot. If you go with metal, it can rust. That’s not happening with a vinyl fence installation project. Protech Fence has the vinyl fence installation experts to get this job done for you. Get a free consultation with Protech Fence. Or, if you want to try a vinyl fence installation project on your own, the information below will help you avoid making some mistakes.

Do: Obey The Law

One city will probably not have the same fencing requirements as another. If your property is located in a planned community, there may be requirements for you to follow as well. Save yourself some time and headaches down the road by learning what rules are regulations you need to follow with your vinyl fence installation project. For more information, you should contact your local planning and zoning department. That should be your first step.

Do: Yard Preparation

Inspect the area you are planning to put your fence. If there is anything like plants or trees that will need to be removed, go ahead and get that out of the way. You should also call 811 before you do any digging. This will allow utilities such as phone and cable companies to mark where their lines are located. This is how you’ll know if it is safe to dig in that location. Plan ahead because it can take a couple days for them to come out and mark their territory.

Don’t: Spread Out

Again, vinyl is not as stable as many other fence types. You do not want to space individual sections apart like you might with a wooden or metal fence. If you are hoping for a fence with some privacy, vinyl is the way to go. But, you will need to be sure that your vinyl sections are close to each other in order to maintain their effectiveness.

This should also help you avoid any warping in your fence. This can be the result of a poorly spaced fence installation project. To prevent this from happening, relieve the stress placed on the vinyl by putting your posts no more than a foot apart. This distance will allow the weight to be evenly distributed throughout your vinyl fence installation project.

Do: Dig It Deep

One big difference between a vinyl fence and a fence made from wood or metal is the weight. These fences have weight behind them to remain stable. Vinyl is a light material so it does not. Therefore, when working on your vinyl fence installation project, you’ll need to be sure that he posts are inserted deep enough in the ground to have stability.

Vinyl fence posts that are not deep enough might not prevent your fence from being damaged or even ripped out by a fierce storm or maybe even an animal. With a vinyl fence installation project, it is recommended to dig your holes twice as deep as what you would do for a wooden or metal fence. This should keep your vinyl fence standing through the years.

Don’t: It’s (Not) Hammer Time

A common mistake that people tend to make during a vinyl fence installation project is trying to install their fence the way you might with a wooden or metal fence. With vinyl, you should always dig the hole first and backfill it once it is in place and it is secure. Vinyl is not designed to just be driven into the ground. If you attempt to do so, it will probably bend and/or break.

Do: Contact Protech Fence

Completing your own vinyl fence installation project is doable. But, if you’d rather leave the hard work to the professionals, contact us today for a free consultation. We take pride in the quality of our work and the products we use for vinyl fence installation. There is no obligation for you. Our experts will work along with your to find the perfect solution for you that fits within your budget. We also have financing options available so don’t hesitate to ask!