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Etiquette Tips For Vinyl Fence Installers

There are many important things for vinyl fence installers to consider when preparing to put in a new fence. Maybe the most important thing for vinyl fence installers to know before undertaking this kind of project, is how it will affect the neighbors.

Something that you’ll want to avoid at all costs is a dispute with your neighbors. There are some things you can do that will go a long way towards making sure that this doesn’t happen. Following these fence etiquette tips will make your life, and the life of your vinyl fence installers at ProTech Fence much easier. Check out the information below and then give us a call for a no obligation quote.

Etiquette Tips To Follow

  • Know your limits: Do your research. Make sure that you know exactly where your property lines are. Use the plat of your property. Have a new survey done if you have to. This is important so you can be sure that your vinyl fence installers put the fence in the proper location. A fence that is even an inch over the line can become a problem. It may help to check with your neighbors and make sure that you are in agreement about where the line is.
  • Don’t go too high: Most places have regulations that you’ll have to follow. Vinyl fence installers should have permits and know the area zoning laws for height and other features of the fence. Generally a height of six feet for side and backyards and four feet in the front yard are standard. If you happen to live on a corner, there may be additional limits to what you are able to do.
  • Homeowners Associations: If you live in a neighborhood that has an HOA, chances are high that there are guidelines to follow regarding using vinyl fence installers to put up a fence on your property. Failure to follow their guidelines can lead to more than just an angry neighbor. It could mean many angry neighbors, facing the wrath of committee members, etc.
  • No surprises: You won’t need permission from your neighbors, but a good strategy to avoid many issues would be to actually talk to your neighbors before giving the go-ahead to your vinyl fence installers. This way, any issues can be taken care of beforehand. Maybe they will need time to prepare their property near the site. Plus, they might even have some helpful information or advice to share.

Additional Tips

  • It is standard procedure to have the most finished side of your fence face towards the street and your neighbor’s property.
  • You should be diligent in keeping both sides of the fence clean and looking good.
  • You can apply for a variance with your local zoning commission for situations like needing some extra height to block a busy street. When this happens the zoning commission should let your neighbors know and give them an opportunity to comment on how they feel about your request.
  • Lonely pets can be an issue. For example, leaving your dog outside and unattended in a fenced area for extended periods of time can lead to non-stop barking or digging. Many neighbors will not enjoy this.
  • Damage to your fence will undoubtedly happen at some point. It might even be your neighbor that is at fault. Following these fencing etiquette tips will go a long way to resolving a situation involving fence damage. However, if you have a rock relationship with someone next door and then need them to pay for damaging your fence, it could end up requiring you to actually go to small claims court. Nobody wants that option. But if you are in that situation, make sure you take pictures of any damage and keep records of the requests you have made for them to cover the expenses.
  • Choosing the right material can make all the difference. It is recommended to select something that is attractive and practical that will fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. Vinyl fencing is always a great option!

Benefits Of Vinyl

With so many fencing choices out there, it can be hard to know what is best for you. Vinyl is one of the most popular types of fence for a few reasons. Consider these benefits:

  • Low maintenance: There is very little maintenance needed with vinyl fence. No need to paint. No worrying about termites and other pests making a home in your fence. And, they are easy to clean. Just a little soap and water is all you need.
  • Cost: Vinyl is usually cheaper than most other types of fencing. Especially when you take into consideration the costs of maintaining your fence after it has been installed.
  • Wild weather: One thing we know about the weather in the Idaho Falls area is that you could see any type of weather at any time. Your vinyl fence will last during extreme cold in the winter, the hot and dry summer, heavy hail and of course the powerful winds that come through the region.