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Idaho Falls Vinyl Fence Installers

If you are looking to have a new fence installed — look no further than Protech Fence. We specialize in quality fencing products for your home, business, farm or ranch. And, of course, there are no better vinyl fence installers in the area. Your new fence will be custom crafted using durable Country Estate fence products that are known for quality and affordability.

We provide the best quality fencing available for any job — big or small. Our vinyl fence installers can add privacy to your property for a great place to relax. A privacy fence is often used around swimming pools, gardens and patios. This type of fence is normally about 6 feet tall and does a great job of protecting your property from wind and dirt.

Country Estate Vinyl

The durability and life-long strength of the polyvinyl chloride compounds used in the manufacture of Country Estate Fence produce a traditional fence that will endure rugged use over the test of time. Vinyl fence installers that use these products know that they are a deterrent to deterioration from moisture, extreme temperatures and ultraviolet exposure. And these fences require very little maintenance.

The evidence speaks for itself. Country Estate Fence is superior to the conventional fencing materials. The polyvinyl components are made of scientifically formulated 100% virgin PVC compounds. This material has consistently outperformed any and all wood, metal or imitation polyvinyl fence products. Equine professionals have applauded the increased protection they get when vinyl fence installers use polyvinyl for their animals. The day Country Estate Fence is installed, traditional fence maintenance halts.

Colors And Options

The Country Estate vinyl products that we use are available in white, almond, gray and adobe. There are also a variety of optional cap styles to choose from. You can also have streaking and embossing options for additional fence styles such as a wood-grained look.

Streaking is a new process involving darker colored pigment that is streaked through either the almond or gray material. This gives a variegated, wood grain appearance. The surface of the material is smooth and is the same quality that is used in the solid-colored products.

The embossed products are regular, high-quality profiles, but they are embossed with a wood grain pattern. These embossed products will suit the tastes of customers who prefer a fence that has a more wood-like appearance and a less glossy finish.

Benefits Of Vinyl

With so many fencing choices out there, it can be hard to know what is best for you. Vinyl is one of the most popular types of fence for a few reasons. Consider these benefits:

  • Low maintenance: There is very little maintenance needed with vinyl fence. No need to paint. No worrying about termites and other pests making a home in your fence. And, they are easy to clean. Just a little soap and water is all you need.
  • Cost: Vinyl is usually cheaper than most other types of fencing. Especially when you take into consideration the costs of maintaining your fence after it has been installed.
  • Wild weather: One thing we know about the weather in the Idaho Falls area is that you could see any type of weather at any time. Your vinyl fence will last during extreme cold in the winter, the hot and dry summer, heavy hail and of course the powerful winds that come through the region.

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Choosing the best vinyl fence installers will be a great investment for you. Our team will create the perfect fit for your yard that will add beauty and value to your home or business that will last a lifetime. At Protech Fence, we do more than just vinyl fences. We also do

  • Wood
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