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Idaho Falls vinyl fence

Idaho Falls Vinyl Fence Installer

If you need a new fence installed, you’ve come to the right place. At Protech Fence, we specialize as a vinyl fence installer. We use quality fencing products for your home, business, farm or ranch. We install a variety of fence styles that will meet your needs. This includes vinyl, wood, chain link, ranch pasture and privacy fences. Your new fence will be custom crafted with durable Country Estate fence products by the top vinyl fence installer Idaho Falls.

Country Estate Vinyl

The durability and life-long strength of the polyvinyl chloride compounds used in the manufacture of Country Estate Fence produce a traditional fence that endures rugged use and the test of time. This type of fence material is a deterrent to deterioration from any moisture, extreme temperatures, and general wear over time.

What makes Country Estate Fence superior to other materials? Its components are constructed out of scientifically formulated 100% virgin PVC compounds. It has consistently outperformed all wood, metal or imitation polyvinyl fence products. From the beginning of Country Estate Fence, vinyl fence installers have applauded the increased protection polyvinyl gives to their animals and property. The day Country Estate Fence is installed, all traditional fence maintenance stops.

PVC fencing was originated by the manufacturers of Country Estate Fence. Today, it continues to outperform traditional fencing products and all PVC imitations. Using a vinyl fence installer that works with Country Estate Fence will save you many maintenance dollars over the years.

The Warranty

The Country Estate Fence products come with a warranty. It states “to be free from defective raw materials and manufacturing defects for the consumer purchaser’s choice of a) 50 years or b) limited lifetime. If no selection is made, the Limited Lifetime Warranty shall apply. As a result, the warranted products will not peel, flake, rust, blister or corrode. Furthermore, Nebraska Plastics warrants that its PVC products will not require the painting and traditional maintenance normally associated with similar products manufactured from raw materials other than PVC. Nor will the PVC products manufactured by Nebraska Plastics exhibit abnormal weathering, discoloration and brittleness or be damaged by insects.”

Vinyl Is Your Best Option In The Snow

Cold weather and snow can take a toll on your fence or deck. For a vinyl fence installer in the Idaho Falls area, the best option is a quality vinyl material. It is the best option for areas that get frequent snow for a few reasons.

  • You are already ready: If you’ve got a fence or deck made with wood, it can take time to prepare for winter. You’ll need to be checking for rot and decay. Wood that is decaying can lead to a collapse. This can lead to extra dollars spent on repairs or even safety hazards.
  • No paint required: Once the snow has melted, all vinyl needs to return to looking great is a quick wash. If you are dealing with wood, you are dealing with a material that is going to absorb the moisture from melting snow. This will make it weaken, which leads to additional problems down the road.
  • No mold: Moisture gets into other materials and leads to mold. This is not an issue with vinyl fences or decks.
  • No localized damage: If you have a part of your fence or deck that is located in a spot that is constantly getting dripped on, it can cause damage to the wood. This will not be an issue with our vinyl material.

However, one thing to watch out for with vinyl fencing during the winter is heavy snow and ice. Depending on the severity of the winter, you may need to periodically move some snow away from the fence. It is possible for the vinyl fencing to crack under the weight of heavy snowfall or ice dams.

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